Attractions & Activities

Danville Fair

August 7 - 8, 2015. The 85th edition of the Danville Fair will be held on the Green in all its glory and with all of the traditional events. There will be a tremendous fireworks display on Saturday evening.

Autumn on the Green, Danville, VT

Autumn on the Green

A one day craft fair featuring over 150 local and regional crafters coinciding with Vermont's famous fall foliage season. Always the first Sunday in October, from 10am to 4pm. Food prepared by area organizations is available. Come and enjoy the music from the bandstand, the beautiful fall foliage and the arts and crafts of our local artisans. Thousands of visitors come from far and near with last year's fair visited by people from 42 states, the District of Columbia and 22 foreign countries. For 2015, the date is October 4.

Great Vermont Corn Maze, Danville, VT

Great Vermont Corn Maze

A treat for all generations. Selected the 2nd BEST maze in American! Come and join thousands of annual visitors and check out your skills at mastering this corn maze with a new design each year. In addition to the corn maze, there are a variety of other activities to enjoy, including a petting zoo and a smaller version of the corn maze for those not up to the challenge of the big maze. See our business listing.

Joe's Pond and Community Beach, Danville, VT

Joe's Pond and Joe's Pond Community Beach

Joe's Pond is located in the town of Danville. It is right on Route 2 and its 396 acres of surface water offer a variety of activities for all ages and generations, including power boating, fishing, swimming and sailing. The town-owned beach is available to the public and is maintained by the West Danville Community Club. It is located on Route 15 at the intersection with Route 2.

Old North Church, Danville, VT

Old North Church

Constructed in 1832, the church today remains much as it did when first constructed. Lighting is provided by kerosene lamps and heat from a wood stove. The church reflects the post and beam construction and stone foundation of its time. Services are still held there on the last Sunday of each month from May through September and an advent lamplight service and carol sing in December. The church is also a popular place for weddings. The church has been deeded to the Danville Historical Society and is faithfully maintained and preserved by the Friends of the Old North Church Committee. Tours may be arranged by calling 802-748-4096.

Caledonia County Farmers Market, Danville, VT

Caledonia County Farmers Market

Fresh fruits and vegetables, organic produce, plants, crafts, baked goods, soups and sandwiches every Wednesday, 9am to 1pm, from early June through mid October on the Green in Danville. Support local agriculture and make new friends at the same time! See our business listing.

Greenbank's Hollow Covered Brdge and Historical Area, Danville, VT

Greenbank's Hollow Covered Bridge and Historical Area

The covered bridge at South Danville or Greenbank's Hollow is a Queenstruss bridge with two spans and is about 75 feet long. It spans Joe's Brook. A mill fire in 1885 leveled the whole community as well as the bridge. The bridge was rebuilt, but the community was never rebuilt. The Danville Historical Society is currently recovering and restoring the site that has been dormant since the 1885 fire. There is an historic site marker entitled A Forgotten Village and foundations are marked as to their use in 1885. Walking trails are under construction.

Miniature Golf at Sugar Ridge, Danville, VT

Miniature Golf

A delight for young and old, couples or entire families! Available at Sugar Ridge RV Village and Campground. Seasonal. See our business listing.

Tree Climbing, Danville, VT

Tree Climbing

Try a truly unique experience and spend time out in the fresh air as you learn the fundamentals of tree climbing in the forests of Vermont. Visit Twin Pines Recreational Tree Climbing. Seasonal. See our business listing.

Farm Tours, Danville, VT

Farm Tours

Emergo Farm

Bring the kids for a unique, country experience! Farm tours are available at Emergo Farm. See our business listing.

Tannery Farm Cashmeres, Danville, VT

Tannery Farm Cashmeres

Breeding Stock Goats, Pelts & Meat

The folks at Tannery Farm take great pride in their prize-winning, healthy herd of cashmere goats and enjoy opportunities to share them with others. Farm visits are welcomed - just call ahead. See our business listing for more information.

Petting Zoo, Danville, VT

Petting Zoo

Available at the Great Vermont Corn Maze. See our business listing for more information.

American Society of Dowsers, Danville, VT

American Society of Dowsers

Danville is the national headquarters of the American Society of Dowsers and the location of its bookstore. Founded in 1961, the Society's purpose is to disseminate knowledge of dowsing (water witching, discovery of lost articles or persons and related para-psychological phenomena), development of its skills and recognition for its achievements. The Society holds an annual convention in Vermont as well as regional conventions and issues a quarterly journal, The American Dowser. See our business listing for most information.

charles curtis, llc

Charles Curtis, LLC

Rock Drilling, Pond Construction and more. See our business listing for more information.

Danville Vermont Historical Society

Danville Historical Society

The Danville Village House at 121 Hill Street serves as the headquarters of the Danville Historical Society. The building is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm - 8pm. You may call 802-684-2055 for appointments at other times. The house is a restored 1838 cape and will contain the historical society's collection. The Society's major function is to discover and collect any material that may help to establish or illustrate the history of the town of Danville.

Geocaching, Danville, VT


Try your hand at the latest activity for individuals, couples, families and friends. Get out and see the beauty of the Danville area and have some fun at the same time. There are over 225 cache sites listed within 25 miles of Danville. Check out and use 05828 as the Danville zip code.

Craft/Gift/Antique Shops

A wide range of craft, gift, tack and antique shops abound in Danville and the surrounding area. Each offers a wide variety of locally made and other unique gifts. Spend a day or a half-day visiting these shops. The owners are a source of great knowledge about the Danville area. See our business listings.

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